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NEUROCRYOSTIMULATION : A new technology for acute injuries and chronic conditions in dogs, horses, and large animals


  • Fast relief of pain and inflammation
  • Treats oedema
  • Muscle relaxant 
  • Acts in less than a minute
  • Suitable for horses and dogs


In 1990 it was demonstrated that only the abrupt lowering of local temperature in a minimum of time, using extreme cold, could induce durable results in the treatment of pain and inflammation.

FREASE is a unique Neuro-CryoStimulation technique which is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment for musculo-skeletal trauma, pain and inflammation. It uses the power of CO2 microcrystals at a temperature of -78°C and a pressure of 50 bars to create an abrupt drop in skin temperature from 32°C to 4°C within 30 seconds. This generates a high-intensity reaction called THERMAL SHOCK which results in fast relief of pain and trauma.


The physiological effects of Neuro-Cryostimulation:

  • Relieves pain immediately for up to 5 hours
  • Stops the inflammatory crisis
  • Vasoconstriction / vasodilation effects
  • Muscle relaxing effect
  • Anti-oedema effect
  • Reduces recovery time of injuries
  • Fast relief and stress reduction for the animal

How it works:

The sudden lowering of the skin temperature (to 4 or 5°C) triggers an immediate reaction from different types of receptors in the skin and fat layers which send an alert signal to the brain. The brain responds immediately via the autonomic nervous system to stimulate a corrective reflex to restore homeostasis. This response includes inhibition of pain transmission, a cascade of vasoconstriction and vasodilation activity, reduction in inflammatory enzymes, and relaxation of muscle fibres primarily due to the activation of gamma neurons

The treatment is tolerated well by horses and dogs, with few contraindications. The hyperbaric CO2 jet is held a short distance away from the skin and the device’s thermal sensors register and visually display the point at which thermal shock is obtained, and a timer monitors the treatment in 30 second periods. The device has an inbuilt sensor which stalls the jet if the device is held too close to the skin. This unique advanced technology, along with its in-built treatment protocols, makes for a very safe treatment, and prevents the skin from getting too cold.

  • Lameness
  • Ligament inflammations
  • Arthritis flare-ups
  • Bursitis
  • Post-surgical care
  • Ergonomically designed - built to last
  • Portable
  • In-built proximity sensor
  • In-built temperature sensors
  • Dual light indication
  • Installed treatment protocols
  • Multiple nozzles available
  • Pressure gauge


F: Desbrosse: 'The analgesic properties of cryotherapy using hyperbaric CO2'.

Review articles from Equine Veterinary Practice 2003 - Vol 35, special edition.  Link to article

“Cryotherapy is an innovative analgesic and pain relief technique, which is easy to implement and is well supported by the animal. The first results are obtained quickly and are clinically observable. There is a wide scope of applications. Suitable for back pain, splints, epiphysitis, spasms, arthritis, peri-arthritis, tenosynovitis and bursitis, pain prevention and post-operative inflammation, tendinitis and haematomas”

Published in Pratique Vétérinaire Équine 2003—Vol 25, Special Edition

The Frease device as packaged includes:

  • Frease device           
  • 2.5 metre hose           
  • Charger             
  • Detachable handle            
  • 3 nozzles (different sizes)

CO2 canisters are required for attachment to the Frease device, for its use, and are supplied separately (available in 2 sizes).

Back-pack for small gas canister Horse brush nozzle Back of the hand attachment

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