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Low-level laser therapy is a modern form of therapy which has steadily developed and evolved for the prevention and healing of many conditions in humans and animals ever since the discovery of laser beams in the 1960s. It can be incorporated into modern veterinary practice as an additional pre and post-surgical treatment, as a drug-free treatment for various musculoskeletal conditions and as an effective tool in chronic and acute pain management, and various inflammatory conditions.

How does it work?

Low-energy light impusles in the red or infrared light spectrum can be employed to stimulate disturbed metabolic processes on a cellular level in such a way that the affected cells and tissues can operate optimally again. This promotes the long-term regeneration of many different kinds of diseased/injured tissues and without the risk of side-effects. Contrary to high-level or surgical lasers, these types of lasers cannot harm or burn tissue. Such applications include:

  • Post-op care and promotion of wound-healing
  • Acute and chronic pain
  • Musculoskeletal diseases
  • Lymphatic and circulatory conditions
  • Otolaryngology
  • Dermatology
  • Infection and acute inflammatory conditions such as mastitis and gingivitis.

The benefits of large area laser therapy include an increased oxygen supply to the treated areas and the improved removal of waste products while reducing swelling, and producing a significant reduction of pain in most patients and a relaxation of chronically tense muscle groups.

Point laser therapy can be applied with great accuracy and precision and is suitable for the treatment of more confined areas for e.g. trigger and acupuncture points.


      POWERTWIN 21 & 21+  Laser Shower/Combs     More info....

Class 3B Laser showers/combs designed for veterinary practice

Fur reflects radiation - a problem that is difficult to overcome with conventional laser systems. The PowerTwin 21/21+ overcomes this barrier by using an exchangeable comb adaptor. The laser light is conducted through the fur directly onto the skin with 21 upstream fibre-optic cables. A point adaptor is also available for tiny areas.

Laser therapy with the Power Twin 21 works fast and is a pleasant experience for animals. This makes this therapy method a positive and relaxed experience for therapists and pet owners.

Two versions of the Laser Shower PowerTwin21 are available:

POWERTWIN 21     Max 1.050mW (21 x 50mW)  785nm

POWERTWIN 21+  Max 2.100mW (21 x 100mW) 808nm

  POINT LASER THERAPY    More info.....

This battery-powered class 3B therapy laser is superbly suitable for the treatment of trigger points, for small areas and laser acupuncture, also called 'laserpuncture'.

There are two versions available:

LA-XP200      Power 200mW - 808nm

LA-XP500      Power 500mW - 808nm


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