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Innovative drug-free treatment of disease and injury through minimally or non-invasive technologies

Laser Therapy & Cryotherapy solutions



Evidence-based photobiomedicine for wound healing, pain treatment, inflammation, and improved locomotor system.

  • Area lasers (laser showers) for large surface areas
  • Laser combs for the treatment of areas covered by thick hair or fur
  • Point lasers (laser pens) for specific point therapy
  • Pre-programmed functions and frequencies



Cost-effective, portable, disposable cryosurgery, for the elimination of unwanted tissues by applying cryogenic gases at extreme low temperatures.


Used for a variety of small cutaneous and oral lesions including: warts, peri-anal fistulas, lick dermatitis, proliferative ear infections, distichiasis, granulomas, keloids, sebaceous adenomas and more.



Powerful thermal shock technology for instant high-performance pain-relief in horses and dogs, with anti-inflammatory, and muscle relaxing effects.

Applications: Tendinopathy, fetlock sprains, ligament inflammations, haematomas and oedema, and muscular spasms (back pain).


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